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From the Cuckoo's nest SEPTEMBER 2018

We had a visit from a lone silverback at the start of the month. He climbed over the floor at the back of my tent and ate some of my flowers

Chimpanzee Bwindi Forest Uganda

From the Cuckoo's nest Ruhija JULY 2018

Primates. Chimpanzees Seen chimps a few times this month. Most days we hear them. They come out of the forest less in the dry season

Ruhija Bwindi Forest Uganda

From the Cuckoo's nest Ruhija APRIL 2018

Just seen 2 big chimps strolling down the path near one of the tent-houses. Have been seeing them most days in the last month

Ruhija Bwindi Forest Uganda

From the Cuckoo's nest Ruhija March 2018

Oruzogo group, which, I am now told, has reunited as one group, has been in the forest nearby a lot of the time.

Gorilla Bwindi national park

Cuckooland January 2018 updates

Oruzogo group, which I am now told, has split into 2 groups, has been in the forest, close to Cuckooland, for several periods in the last month

Gorilla Bwindi national park

Cuckooland October updates

We have seen chimps only a few times this month, which is unusual, but hear them most days.Red-tailed, blue, and black and white colobus monkeys seen often

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Primates Mountain gorillas (and forest elephants) have been seen on the road a few kilometers away at ‘The Neck’. Chimpanzees have been very vocal as usual, and have been eating the tops of the bracken at the side of our paths. I’ve seen them four or five times in the trees at our boundary with the forest.

Gorilla Bwindi national park

Gorilla Tracking

This “impenetrable forest” also protects an estimated 400 mountain gorillas – roughly half of the world’s population

Accommodation Bwindi Ruhija

The beautiful national park of Bwindi

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Accommodation Bwindi Ruhija

Bwindi cuckooland on the edge of the national park

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