From the Cuckoo’s Nest May/June 2020

Bwindi Cuckooland

From the Cuckoo’s Nest Bwindi Cuckooland



Have been seeing one or two chimps, every couple of days, the last week or so.

Other monkeys

 Black and white colobus, blue, red-tailed and l’hoests monkeys all seen regularly, as are baboons, who, for now, we have managed to keep off the guava trees, but one l’hoest’s came quietly on several occasions and ate all our passion fruit. 

Other Mammals

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen serval cat, side striped jackal, bushbuck and yellow-backed duiker.


Many interesting birds seen in this period, including some species, I have never seen here before.  Below are some of the highlights.

  • Especially good time for woodpeckers.  Have seen Tullberg’s, Elliot’s, Buff-spotted, yellow crested as well as Cardinal.
  • Black-throated apalis
  • Buff-throated apalis
  • Mountain masked apalis
  • Petit’s and Black cuckoo-shrikes
  • White-throated greenbull
  • Red-tailed greenbull
  • Mountain greenbull
  • Blue-headed sunbird
  • Little green sunbird,
  • Grey-headed sunbird
  • Blue-throated brown sunbird
  • African Green Pigeon
  • African Pygmy Kingfisher.
  • Doherty’s bush-shrike comes and goes
  • Brown-capped weaver  seen frequently
  • Red-faced crimsonwing
  • Greater honeyguide
  • Wilcox Honeyguide
  • Black-faced rufous warbler
  • Banded Prinia
  • White-browed Crombec
  • Red-faced Woodland warbler
  • Yellow-spotted barbet
  • Red-capped robin-chat
  • Green Hylia
  • Scaly-breasted Illadopsis
  • Brown Illadopsis
  • Ugandan woodland warbler –I know, according to the book, it is not supposed to be here, but I saw it on several occasions, the last time building a nest.  Unfortunately, some monkeys disturbed it and it decided to vacate the nest.
  • White-browed scrub robin
  • Equatorial Akalat
  • Olive green Cameroptera
  • Chestnut wattle-eye
  • Pink-footed puffback

Fruit of the Land

Still lots of avocados, some guavas,  and strawberry guavas continuing to produce.

In the garden, we have leeks, turnips, , welsh onions , pumpkins, amaranthus, as well as salad veg.   First few tomatoes are getting ripe.

Swimming Pond

We removed more than 600 froglets from the pond, as I started to see some brown algae and the frog-shit is probably the cause of it.  Still removing the algae.


June 25, 2020