Ruhija Cuckoo’s Nest September 2018





We had a visit from a lone silverback at the start of the month.

He climbed over the floor at the back of my tent and ate some of my flowers. Normally I am away when gorillas come, so I was happy to see this one up close.


Seen chimps the last 2 days. Most days we hear them. And they eat the bracken at the side of our paths.

Other primates

Seen red-tailed monkeys and baboons today. Black and white colobus, blue and l’hoest’s monkeys also visible this last month.

Other mammals

Side-striped jackal has been seen this month., Birds Notable sightings in the last month include: African Hawk eagle Tullberg’s Woodpecker Blue-headed sunbird Yellow-throated greenbull Double-toothed barbet Red-faced woodland warbler Petit’s Cuckoo-shrike-very common at moment Mountain Greenbull African Golden-breasted bunting African Broadbill Black-throated Apalis Black-spotted Wood dove Pink-foot puffback Ruwenzori Batis Yellow-spotted barbet Red-headed bluebill Red-headed malimbe Black beeeater Levaillant’s Cuckoo Brown-capped weaver Elliot’s woodpecker Red-capped robin-chat Purple-headed starling

Fruit of the Land.

Still plenty of avocados, also guavas , a few passion fruit and pineapples. We harvested more than 30 lemons. . In the garden, we are harvesting mainly salad veg and leeks. Trees With the start of the rains, am planting a few more trees. Ink is running on my latest tree signs, so will have to redo them.

Philip September 2 2018