From the Cuckoo’s Nest October 2019

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I am seeing chimps (well, at least one) most days now.

Other monkeys

Baboons destroyed most of our banana plants, so I am seeing more of them than I want to.  Black and white colobus, blue, red-tailed and l’hoests monkeys also seen regularly.


 An excellent month for birds.  The rainy season often brings many sightings.  Notable sightings in the last month included:

  • Double-toothed barbet
  • Equatorial Akalat
  • African Golden-breasted bunting
  • Yellowbill resident at the moment
  •  Many Cuckoos, including African emerald, Black, Dusky long-tailed, Diederik and Klaas’.  Emerald is still resident seen daily, and many juveniles of Klaas, Diederick and Emerald are feasting on caterpillars in our Prunus Africana trees.
  • Mountain masked Apalis
  • Black-throated Apalis
  • Lots of cuckoo-shrikes, grey, Petit’s and Black
  • White-throated greenbull
  • Yellow-throated greenbull
  • Cameroon Sombre green bull
  • Blue-headed sunbird
  • Purple-breasted sunbird, seen twice on our flowering Spathodea trees
  • Olive Pigeon
  • Red-headed Malimbe
  • Willow warbler has returned from its travels and European bee-eaters likewise are now patrolling the skies again.
  • Grosbeak Weaver
  • Speckled tinkerbird
  • Black-faced rufous warbler
  • Buff-spotted woodpecker
  • Tullberg’s woodpecker
  • Cassin’s hawk-eagle
  • African Goshawk- had a long view of it as it bathed in the early morning sun
  • Pink-foot puff back
  • Mountain green bull
  • A couple of honeyguides, hard to identify, but one was probably Wilcock’s
  • Brown-capped weaver seen often in the last couple of weeks
  • Grey Crowned Cranes
  • And last but by no means least, today I saw what I take to be Eurasian Nightjar, perched still for 10 minutes on a low branch, but I could be wrong, as they are extremely hard to distinguish.

Fruit of the Land

We still have guavas, in spite of the baboons and some pineapples in the garden.  Avocados are now ready.

In the garden, we have leeks, turnips, celery , courgettes, radishes, welsh onions as well as salad veg.


Planted a few more trees and yes the Spathodia are now flowering gloriously..

Swimming Pond

The heavy rains have now filled the pond.  So now, we are planning to install a new controller for the pump, a new aerator, and an improved filter. Hopefully, they will work


November 1, 2019